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EREZ FELD is a pianist and composer

Hello, nice to meet you dear listeners, I am Erez Feld, first you must know that music has been running through my veins since I was 7. I became an orphan when I was a baby in Teheran. I did pass several years of real misery, so when I was adopted at the age of 7, I did asked by myself, in a spirit of resilience, to learn the piano in order to express my pain from my childhood. The sound of this instrument immediately captured and calmed my soul. My main connection to music is  emotional, strongly related to my life and inspired by my very dense personal history.I do not write music with the aim of composing something emotiv, but it is my personal « Intimate Moods «  that dictate the emotions of my music. Piano and composition are my tools therapy, but in the same time music is a very strong passion that is submerging me every hour of my life from the age of seven. Each piece of my first album is a specific moment of my life. Some of them also speak about historic events that do speak to me ( like my piece WAR, my tribut to Ukraine )I hope these songs will take you on an intense emotional journey.Sincerely your’s. Erez

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